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Modern technology allows analyzing a big amount of visual information in real time.

The recognition of a chess game, calculation of the accuracy of hitting a billiard ball and other key sports moments are measured with high accuracy using computer vision.

We use advanced artificial intelligence technologies, that always allow us to be one step ahead.


«We work at the intersection of computer vision, artificial intelligence and mobile development. It allows us to create innovative products, that have high accuracy and are applicable not only in complex systems, but also in mobile devices and tend to improve with the receipt of new data. »

Petr Chernyshev,
CEO idSport


We measure key moments of sports with high accuracy. A team of analysts studies the most important nuances of each sport and determines necessary metrics, based on the experience of professional athletes and amateurs.

Metrics in Billiards

Number of billiard balls scored

Maximum series of strokes

Accuracy of scoring a ball

Effectiveness of attacks

Number of wagers

Computer Vision

The main technology of our products is computer vision. The range of solvable tasks varies from classifying chess pieces on the board with the help of convolutional neural networks to tracking billiard balls using DeepSORT algorithms.

We work with frameworks for building, training and implementing neural network models – Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, TFLite. We optimize the performance of neural networks using Knowledge Distillation, Quantization, Prunning and others.

On the Cutting Edge

Our team of developers has wide experience in using computer vision technologies in mobile applications on Android and iOS. Using mobile apps, we can implement CI/CD in our projects: automatic data collection, auto training of neural networks for quality improvement.

idSport solutions can be implemented in any kind of sports

Do you want to discuss opportunities for digitalization of a specific sports field?


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