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«This is the future. First of all, for streaming and partly for fighting cheating: what concerns making incorrect moves, that is, everything related to the touch move rule and the incorrect setting of figures. »

Arkady Dvorkovich,
FIDE President

Clients about us


«With easy actions you get a record of your chess game – this is what modern chess lacked so much and what is necessary to teach the game to children, parents, coaches. »

Aleksander Zakharov,

CEO, founder of the Etude
chess club chain


«idChess will be in great demand among tournament organizers, coaches and parents. This technology allows you to easily and quickly collect an array of data about chess games and it helps in training. idChess just gives emotions to parents who can watch their children playing in real time. It's incredible. »

Sergey Moiseev,

Organizer of tournaments


«In the world of chess there is a great lack of powerful technological tools. idChess is a real breakthrough and a very important step in the popularization of chess both at professional and amateur levels. idChess simplifies all organizational aspects in conducting tournaments and teaching chess. Chess is becoming closer to people who appreciate technology, use smartphones and save their time. »

Igor Glek,

International grandmaster, FIDE honoured coach,
CEO of the Aristocracy of Mind school