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Our mission

To give athletes and organizers of sports competitions unique opportunities for growth and development.
Our technologies are the key to high-quality analytics and the best results.

Our philosophy
and goals

We strive to make sports technologies available, so that they serve both the development of sports as a whole, and the fulfilment of the potential of an individual athlete. We believe in a fair world, where every sports fan has access to advanced technological solutions regardless of their wealth, race and gender. We are sure that the contribution of everyone, who strives to make their today’s result better than yesterday’s, who is ready to share it and learn together with society, is important.

Petr Chernyshev

idSport, CEO


«The development of artificial intelligence technology opens up great opportunities for the sports industry. The implementation of AI solutions in sports can solve such tasks as preparing for a match or attracting fans. »

idSport solutions can be implemented in any kind of sports

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