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Achieve your goals with idSport

idSport has products and solutions in the field of digitization and sports analytics. Pick up your key to quality analytics, professional statistics and best results with id products.


AI platform for recognizing and streaming chess games, played on a real board. It records games in chess notation, PGN, GIF formats.

A legendary application for chess chess players from all over the world


The platform for recording and analyzing billiard games. Using proprietary technology, idBilliards simplifies the recording of games and digitazation of successful shots


The platform for recognizing and automatic cutting of highlights of football matches based on machine learning technology


A platform for recognizing checkers games. It saves game data to your smartphone, allows you to analyze the game and the player's progress.


We measure key moments of sports with high accuracy. A team of analysts studies the most important nuances of each sport and determines necessary metrics, based on the experience of professional athletes and amateurs.

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idSport was created and
is developed by the ML-laboratory
of the international IT-company Friflex

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«It is a real breakthrough and a very important step in the popularization of sports both on professional and amateur levels.»

Igor Glek, chess grandmaster, founder of a chess school chain

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